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Kickstart your 2021 fitness goals with a full set of fitness gear and wellness products! We’ve partnered with a killer lineup of brands to give you all you need to crush your goals! 💪💪

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Clean Plates makes it easy to discover the foods, habits, and practical choices that work for YOU. Once you know what works best, eating well (and living well) becomes effortless, sustainable, and yep — enjoyable.

We show you how to live a lifestyle that celebrates Clean Food, Body & Planet. From healthy recipes to critical nutrition info, green beauty, and the home, to powerful wellness influencers, we give you the tools to live an energized and delicious life.

Featured Brands

Gift Card | $500

We are REC GEN, a functional sport, and lifestyle brand designed in Sydney Australia, tested under the most rigorous conditions globally. Our designs consider a variety of movements and activities, every piece has a role and purpose to play.
Aesthetic and fit forged from meticulously constructed fabrics, thoroughly field-tested and backed with industry leading quality control. Our commitment to environmentally sustainable and non-impactful processes runs at the core of everything we do. We’ve done our part, now it’s up to you.
Welcome to REC GEN.

Gift Card | $500

Our philosophy is simple – we design what we’re dying to wear. We’re best known for the Sureshot Jogger, Flintlock Tees, top quality fabric, garment construction and Customer Service…. pretty good at throwing a decent party too. We’re conscious of our impact on the environment and working hard to minimise it. Creativity is our passion and we’re dedicated to the craft.

They don’t know me like you know me.


Gift Card + Free Nutrition Consult with Registered Dietitian | $100

INFINIT creates customizable hydration & protein drink mixes tailored to fit your lifestyle. Work with a Dietitian to design the right formulas to match your personal goals. Made with the cleanest premium ingredients, INFINIT hydration blends & protein powders are made to fuel your adventures naturally — Just grab your bottle & go.

Armpocket | $40

Armpocket armbands are designed to withstand long runs, sweat, and even rain. We offer the strongest durability while maintaining a no-slip fit due to our memory foam backing and vented strap. You can fit your largest phones with a protective case, and still store your keys, ID, and extra essentials. Multiple strap lengths available to accommodate all size biceps comfortably.

Pilates Studio Pro Kit | $397

Is your gym closed? Can’t make it to your exercise class? Too snowy for a bike ride? Designed for the active in you, the Pilates Studio Pro Home Fitness System is your personal home gym that takes up no floor space and delivers authentic gym and Pilates equipment workouts in your home, on your schedule. Meet your fitness goals anytime, anywhere, with your own portable Pilates Studio Pro Home Fitness System.

Ultimate Stress Busting Bundle | $160

Adaptogens are one of the hottest wellness trends because of how pervasive chronic stress is in our society. Sun Horse Energy, the premier brand of adaptogenic herbal formulas, didn’t hop on the bandwagon—we built the wagon. Built on the back of a third-generation master herbalist’s four decades of sweat equity into research and formulation, Sun Horse Energy has created the most complex, most-thoroughly researched and effective formulas since 2008. Thousands of studies support adaptogens for regulating stress, increasing stamina, energy and libido, balancing mood, and several other positive wellness outcomes.

Drifties | $89

Driftline’s patent-pending, wetsuit-lined boardshorts called Drifties™ are made with a built-in 0.5mm neoprene liner that’s attached to a stylish outer shell. Built for all watersports, Drifties have the look & and feel of a modern boardshorts with the added functionality of a wetsuit liner, providing warmth, comfort, and chafe protection around the areas that matter the most…goodbye surf rash! The modern fit of these innovative 2-in-1 trunks allows you to pop-up with ease while the liner stays put, hugging your thighs like a warm cloud without impairing movement. Combined with a quick-dry, 4-way stretch outer shell, Drifties were designed to withstand the elements so you can rock them over and over again. No need to worry about the cold water shock to “your boys” – just dive right in.

Ninja Shell Jacket | $118

The most comfortable, functional, and versatile apparel you’ve ever worn. Built from the inside-outside, for maximum comfort and style. You won’t be disappointed with a single piece of gear in this line.

Active Recovery Patches & Power Sleep Patches | $90

When you are training or competing, you want to be able to give your very best performance. This may be difficult to do if you are experiencing any type of pain or soreness. After a workout, recovery time is crucial while your body heals and reduces inflammation in the tissues. This can normally take a few days rest before you can get training again. Now this recovery time can be dramatically reduced thanks to the StaminaPro Active Recovery Patch, making sure you are back feeling your best and giving it your all as quickly as possible, making it the best anti-inflammatory for athletes.

Alpine Adventure Set | $157

We make products that elevate your daily self-care rituals to a daily nature plunge. Our Castile Body Wash, Deodorant, Lip Balm, and more are loaded with nutrient-dense, skin-loving, organic Oils, such as Olive and Coconut, and are scented with sustainably sourced, organic aromatherapy blends inspired by some of our favorite places in the natural world. Everything we create is sourced with respect for people, planet, and purity. A portion of all our sales benefit a scholarship fund we have created in partnership with the Colorado Outward Bound School that provides young adults with three-week-long outdoor leadership programs in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, Utah, Alaska, and Wyoming.

Chopper | $119

Amp up your workouts with the Chopper by ChopFit. Reap the benefits of full-body strength and conditioning circuits, all available on the ChopFit app. Improve your coordination, endurance, stability and overall strength and fitness levels with a compact and portable fitness tool designed to optimize your home or gym workout experience.

2x Bear Blocks | $100

Bear Blocks are a revolutionary body weight fitness device that protect your wrists and maximize the focus on your muscles. When not in use, the blocks slide together to create a cube that is 3.5 inches deep and 4.5 inches wide. This makes for easy storage, easy packing and a super cool look!