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Restoring the value of garments by creating meaningful essentials


August Bard Bringeus, Jakob Dworsky



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  • Timeless basics are the essentials of every man’s wardrobe. But ASKET couldn’t find something as simple as a plain white t-shirt or a blue oxford shirt with a great fit, quality materials and a decent price tag. They identified a need to move away from fashion’s seasonal churn and instead introduce a permanent collection of mindfully produced, quality and timeless garments. What seemed like a simple idea at the time has proven to challenge the fashion industry’s business model—encouraging a shift to moving slower and adding care back into the apparel system. ASKET is a Swedish menswear brand creating timeless, meaningful wardrobe essentials through their permanent collection of zero-compromise pieces. He permanent collection consists of 35 timeless menswear basics, made under full transparency and accountability. In terms of style, think Steve McQueen with a conscience. People come to ASKET because they love that they deliver the kind of pieces they can wear every day in a quality they can feel and a cut that flatters all body types. ASKET see men of all ages coming to us, from the skinny teenager who wants a good quality t-shirt and raw denim, to the 55 year old dad that is still searching for the perfect pair of chinos.

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