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Sustainable Packaging

Lumber Union

Sustainable apparel to elevate the fashion conscious


Tim Brown



Price Range

$21 - $115



MORE ABOUT Lumber Union
  • LumberUnion was founded by Anthony Bergin. Anthony is an entrepreneur that came from the clean technology and green energy sector. After watching the HBO documentary, The True Cost, which highlighted the global destruction caused by the apparel and textiles industry, he thought we could do better. He started a fact-finding mission at trade shows around the world, specifically on a mission to understand how progression within the American manufacturing industry was becoming. At first look, it was clear that a lot of American manufacturers simply could not afford to upgrade their facilities and reduce their environmental impact in such a competitive space. After this revelation, he went down to Los Angeles and started the discussion with the mayor of Los Angeles’ economic development direction team. A case had to be made that for American manufacturing to lead again, government assistance and investment were required. After 18 months of lobbying, reinvestment was made and clean technology manufacturing became part of the Los Angeles industrial landscape. This new platform has given birth to LumberUnion’s first line of premium American best basics.

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