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“We’re a small brand with a great big heart, and every authentic garment we make—for trekking, traveling and exploring the world— reflects our Himalayan homeland. Whether summiting an unclimbed peak, trekking a vast savanna or sightseeing in an exotic market, Sherpa creates 4-season gear designed to deliver safety, comfort and style. We believe the journey of life is the greatest adventure of all.”


Sherpa was founded in 2003 as a tribute to the unsung heroes of Mt. Everest. While climbing the torturous slope “it is the Sherpa who makes the route, carries the load and sets the ropes to the top and back.” This small brand believes in creating big change in our world; they aim to strengthen the families and communities of  Nepal through providing educational scholarships and meaningful employment. With each garment purchased, Sherpa donated a portion of the profit to provide scholarships to children of remote Himalayan villages. The socially conscious brand is also dedicated to bettering the environment and aims to improve the negative environmental impacts of clothing production. Sherpa is proudly partnered with STeP, an independent certification system that monitors the use of environmentally friendly technologies and products, sustainable use of resources, and social working conditions. Whether you are climbing Mt. Everest or hiking in the Himalayas, Sherpa provides the most efficient adventure gear to aid your experiences in the most extreme conditions.


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