Gone are the days of itchy, uncomfortably warm wool sweaters. Merino wool has revolutionized comfort while providing a sustainable source of naturally produced fabric.

There are several quality brands out there that have figured out how to turn this type of wool into functional, stylish, all-around great clothes – and if you haven’t heard of them, it’s high time you should.

Read on to discover 15 merino wool brands you need to know for 2021.

Merino Wool Clothes For Every Occasion

1. Unbound Merino


$25 – $285

Sustainable Materials:

Merino Wool, Organic Cotton

Unbound Merino selects only humanely shorn wool from Merino sheep, all sourced from independent wool farms located in Australia. Their flagship t-shirts are made with 100% ultra-fine merino wool that is as soft and comfy as it is sustainable. Fast-drying, moisture-wicking, breathable, and temperature regulating – you can’t go wrong with these shirts.

2. Ibex


$15 – $240

Sustainable Materials:

Merino Wool

Ibex uses wool as the main fabric for all its clothes, highlighting its ability to regulate temperature, antimicrobial properties, absorb sweat, and resistance to wear and tear. The brand uses merino wool for lighter or more casual products, while thicker wool uses it for outerwear, such as jackets, vests, often with merino lining.

Ibex only works with suppliers who share the same commitment to supporting the environment. Their main objective is to create clothes of the highest quality – and with the highest ethics.

3. Wooly Clothing

3 Woolly


$25 – $299

Sustainable Materials:

Merino Wool

Based in Seattle, Wooly Clothings makea all of their men’s boxers, basics, and socks from a distinctively soft fabric, resulting in unmatched comfort built to last. Woolly Clothing believes that merino wool can and should be used every day, not just for outdoor adventures. Their clothes are extra soft, and not scratchy or itchy at all.

4. Minus 33


$9 – $119

Sustainable Materials:

Merino Wool, Nylon, Spandex

With a family history rooted in the wool industry, combined with a passion for the outdoors, it only made sense that Minus33 would emerge as a merino wool clothing brand. They started out as a snowmobile brand and quickly expanded to other outdoor markets such as hiking, skiing, and hunting due to the versatility of their product offering.

The best thing about Minus 33 is that they make quality yet affordable products that can be worn and loved from season to season by anyone, outdoors, regardless of skill level or experience. And customers can feel happy and secure knowing that each garment is backed by a one-year warranty and a 30-day satisfaction guarantee.

5. Archer


$40 – $240

Sustainable Materials:

Merino Wool, Recycled Polyester, Organic Cotton

Archer offers sustainable, natural, biodegradable, and long-lasting merino wool dress pants, versatile enough for any occasion. By successfully combining luxurious Italian fabrics, timeless designs, and best-in-class sustainable practices, they were able to create stylish, high-performance clothing for the modern man. Archer garments are a must-have for any time of year.

6. Woolrich


$39 – $595

Sustainable Materials:

Merino Wool, Polyamide

Woolrich is known for its high-quality wool products that stand the test of time, both physically and aesthetically. They are committed to making a positive impact on the world around us by fostering environmental awareness and promoting ethical business practices, along with using sustainable materials in everything that they craft.

7. Darn Tough


$16 – $35

Sustainable Materials:

Nylon, Merino Wool, Lycra Spandex

Darn Tough specializes in making socks knitted with the highest quality merino wool and synthetic yarns, backed by a lifetime guarantee. Their incredibly comfortable socks are for people who do all kinds of outdoor activities, from rock climbing to hiking –  but  they can also be used indoors just as well. Their website features a long list with categories of outdoor activities that pairs specific socks specially created for each activity.

8. Duckworth


$11 – $150

Sustainable Materials:

Merino Wool, Recycled Polyester, Bamboo

Duckworth is the only true shelf-to-shelf sheep clothing in the world made entirely end-to-end in the USA – and it is quickly gaining a reputation for being one of the best. Their clothing has the ability to thermoregulate body heat, as merino wool contains lanolin, a natural wax found in wool that prevents odor-causing bacteria from taking hold. This is particularly important in the winter, as insulating merino wool shirts paired with snap buttons can make the difference between a nice time on the slopes or a miserable day on the mountain.

9. Finisterre


$41 – $264

Sustainable Materials:

Merino Wool, Organic Cotton, Recycled Nylon, Elastine

Finisterre is an outdoor clothing company that designs functional and sustainable products for lovers of the sea – in fact, it is mainly recognized as a cold water surf company.  Their clothing is top quality, well designed – and their staff are always friendly and helpful.

This brand has spent years developing and refining its own blend for a special type of merino underwear. They have tested and adjusted the formula for years, striving for the perfect blend of super soft merino with enough strength to handle regular washing and maintain its shape.

10. Icebreaker


$22 – $590

Sustainable Materials:

Merino Wool, Nylon, Lycra

Icebreaker is a sustainable merino wool performance and outdoor clothing brand based in Auckland, New Zealand. The company began specializing in the creation of merino base layers and now offers underwear, mid lays, outerwear, socks and accessories based on natural fibres.

Icebreaker does not consider itself as a fashion company; the brand wants its clothes to be relevant in your wardrobe for many seasons. They create multifunctional pieces that adapt to your life and style, on the mountain, in the city, and at home

11. Pendleton


$3 – $40

Sustainable Materials:

Merino Wool, Cotton, Polyester

Pendleton wool products are naturally sustainable, thanks to the wonderful properties of the wool itself. They are known for creating jackets, t-shirts, and blankets, all made using the most environmentally-friendly processing and production options whenever possible.

12 Wool&


$58 – $138

Sustainable Materials:

Merino Wool, Cotton, Polyester, Spandex

Wool& is a lifestyle brand that aims to make the fashion world better by producing high-quality clothing.  Wool is the basis of its products; a high-performance fabric that does not wrinkle, regulates temperature, breathes, and needs to be washed much less than most other garments. Their goal is to make everything easier to wear and reuse the same basic piece that integrates seamlessly with your life.

13. Allbirds


$16- $205

Sustainable Materials:

Merino Wool, Sugar Cane, Castor Bean Oil, Recycled Bottles, Recycled Cardboard

Allbirds is one of the most popular sustainable shoe brands – and it’s not just because their shoes are made from wool.

In 2016, they launched their first shoe,  the Allbirds Wool Runners; an innovative, comfortable, and sustainable shoe. The brand quickly became popular due to its use of merino wool.

Beyond footwear, Allbirds recently launched a line of basic summer clothing. Everything they offer is breathable, lightweight, low-maintenance, and comfortable.

14. Smart Wool


$19- $99

Sustainable Materials:

Merino Wool, Nylon, Recycled Nylon, Elastane, Polyester

Smartwool is an American company founded by New England ski instructors Peter and Patty Duke in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. They create socks, underwear, everyday basics, and accessories for outdoor activities. The base material for all their products is merino wool – and everything they make is perfect to use for hiking and almost all other outdoor activities.

15. Ridge Merino


$29 – $149

Sustainable Materials:

Merino Wool, Spandex, Polyester

Ridge Merino is a performance clothing brand created by and for outdoor enthusiasts. They focus on merino wool products, offering spectacular quality garments that perform well in all conditions.

Their performance clothing is one of the best on the market, and everything they make is reasonably priced. Their affordability is due to the fact that they sell directly to the consumer and maintain low overheads compared to other companies. This also helps make them a truly sustainable clothing company at their core.

Comfy clothes are always enjoyable – and it’s even better when they are made sustainably. These brands are all great options to help the environment without having to compromise quality or style. One garment a time, we can make the world a greener place.

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