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Best Modal Underwear For Women in 2024

November 27, 2023main

It’s no secret that Modal underwear for women has a cult following! This utterly soft fabric hugs the body in all the right places, yet it is breathable enough to keep you cool and dry throughout the day. Made from beech trees, modal is eco-friendly, using less water and land compared to some other fabrics. To put it simply, It’s the perfect blend of softness, breathability, and a guilt-free choice for your top drawer. So, why not treat yourself to the luxurious comfort of women’s modal underwear? Your skin—and the planet—will thank you.

What is Modal underwear?

Modal underwear is crafted from a fabric called modal, which is a type of rayon. Modal is made by spinning cellulose fibers, often derived from beech trees. The production process involves breaking down the wood pulp into fibers and then reconstructing them into soft, durable, and breathable fabric. 

Modal is known for its exceptional softness, often described as being as smooth as silk. However, despite its softness, modal is a strong and durable fabric. Modal underwear can withstand regular washing and wear, maintaining its quality over time. This makes Modal underwear for women a super comfortable choice for daily wear. Additionally, this fabric has excellent moisture-wicking properties, allowing it to draw moisture away from the body.

Is Modal breathable for underwear? 

Yes, modal is known for its excellent breathability, making it a popular choice for underwear. In fact, the breathability of Modal is attributed to its open structure, allowing air to circulate freely through the fabric. This makes modal underwear a comfortable choice, especially for those who may be active or live in warmer environments. Plus, the fabric’s ability to manage moisture contributes to a feeling of freshness and helps prevent discomfort caused by sweating.

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Most Sustainable Brands for Women’s Modal Underwear  

1. Tomboy X

Price: From $33

Sustainable Materials:  TENCEL Modal

The sustainable, gender-inclusive brand Tomboy X offers amazing three-pack underwear bundles starting at $50. The Modal underwear for women caters to diverse body sizes from 3XS to 6X, embracing nongendered styles. Think boyshorts, trunks, briefs as well as women’s bikini Modal underwear.

The B Corp certification uses TENCEL Modal, a biodegradable fiber derived from beechwood trees, as well as organic cotton to create their Plus, they are dedicated to providing a comprehensive overview of current practices and future improvement plans.


Price: From $21

Sustainable Materials: Organic cotto, Modal, Econyl 

Next up are some of the world’s best non-toxic period pants! WUKA’S sustainable women’s Modal panties are crafted from 100% vegan and chemical-free GOTS Organic Cotton, Tencel Modal derived from sustainable beech trees, and Econyl made from recycled plastic waste.

Wuka goes the extra mile by ensuring that their fair trade underwear is shipped from the UK in FSC-certified packaging, aligning with their dedication to sustainability throughout the entire process. The brand’s impressive range includes seven different collections 

3. Woronstore

Price: From $28

Sustainable Materials: Organic cotton, Lenzing Modal

Woronstore is one of the best places to find premium-quality Modal underwear for women. Operating out of Copenhagen, the brand focuses on crafting fair-trade underwear designed for women’s comfort. Their commitment to sustainability is evident in the use of natural, breathable materials such as Lenzing Modal and GOTS-certified cotton. What’s more, Woronstore prioritizes the absence of toxic dyes or chemicals in their products. Comfortable, healthy, and sustainable! What more do we need?

4. Huha

Price: From $23

Sustainable Materials: Tencel™ Lyocell And Tencel™ Modal X Micro,

From an array of options – from Modal bikini underwear to boyshorts, check out Huha!

 The raved-about sustainable brand embraces inclusivity, body positivity, and confidence. The brand’s “undercare” stands out with a seam-free gusset infused with soothing minerals, boasting antibacterial and odor-reducing properties. Hula has gained a cult following for its unique full-coverage liners, but it also offers affordable ethical underwear packs that women find themselves reaching for again and again.  

5. MeUndies

Price: From $16

Sustainable Materials: 92% MicroModal and Elastine 

Offering various styles in both women’s and men’s ethical underwear, at MeUndies, there is a pair for everyone. For couples looking to add a playful touch to their wardrobe, MeUndies offers a monthly MatchMe subscription, allowing you to “match your bottom half to your better half.” For example, The Core and FeelFree undies consist of 92% MicroModal® (sourced from Austrian beech trees) and 8% elastane. To create those gorgeous prints on the Modal underwear for women and men, the brand uses low-impact dyes for their vibrant prints. As for their factories, their production partners are located in China, Guatemala, LA, Sri Lanka, and Turkey where audits are conducted to ensure the safety and well-being of employees at all levels of the supply chain.

6. Stripe and Stride

Price: From $24

Sustainable Ingredients: 95% TENCEL™ Modal, 5% Elastane

The Certified-B corporation Stipe and Stride offers an array of Modal underwear for women in more than 10 colors! Adorned with delicate lace trim, these Modal panties are equal parts chic and comfortable. The brand chose to use 95% biodegradable TENCEL™ Micro Modal, sourced from trees., The fabric’s proven softness, more than twice that of cotton, ensures a gentle touch against your skin. Plus, the perfect cut of these panties prevents any unsightly lines or discomfort, promising a seamless and flattering fit. To top it all off, one tree is planted with every order.