$1200+ Made In California Giveaway

California this one’s for you! We’re here to bring you a whole stack of gear from some of the best brands established in The Golden State of California.

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Last Minute Gear is an outdoor gear shop on a mission to make the outdoors more accessible while reducing waste. That’s why in addition to selling high quality equipment from top brands, they’re the only gear shop that also rents these top-of-the-line items (e.g., ultralight gear, down gear) at up to 90% off retail prices with 24/7 self-service access. And they’re the only gear shop that hosts a community-donated gear library that you can borrow from for free!

Featured Brands

Gift Card | $250

Los Angeles Apparel is a basics apparel manufacturer and online retailer that is passionate about bringing back comfort basics and clothing Made in the USA. The brand is deeply focused on using economic and environmental sustainability practices to produce high-quality garments meant to last created by highly trained workers in South Central, Los Angeles. The company is committed to creating skilled jobs, supporting domestic cotton farmers, being environmentally friendly, employee ownership, and pushing for living wages.

Gift Card | $100

Since 1995, Allett has been designing and manufacturing slim wallets in San Diego, California. Specializing in intuitive design for lightweight and comfortable carry, Allett’s design ethos centers on minimalism without compromise. Allett wallets are designed to provide high-level carrying capacity and fit in your pocket without added bulk. Creating practical solutions to your everyday carry needs, the Allett product line is a heritage product made for the modern minimalist.

Revert Fleece Hoodie & Weekender Cotton Canvas Duffel | $100

Farm Brand is an athleisure apparel & lifestyle brand focused on creating a comfortable, sustainable, and uniquely curated collection of everyday comfort wear. We believe in the power of individuals, the importance of giving back, and the act of spreading positivity.

California Shroomin’ Crewneck Sweatshirt | $56

Culk is the graphic design work of Sam Culkins. Sam started screen printing in San Francisco in his garage in 2010. Back then, Culk was a one-man show selling tees on the streets of downtown San Francisco. Today, Culk is a three-person operation sharing a warehouse with other local businesses in the Mission. Your support is mega appreciated.

Lighthouse Hoodie, Mountain Sunset Shirt, Eco Adventures Trucker Hat | $132

When you grow up along the coast, you develop a different sense of what it means to play and enjoy life. You see adventure and your next fun activity around every corner. That’s why Coastal Wilderness apparel exists. There is a strong sense of pride by the people who call California and the Pacific Northwest home. Coastal Wilderness is the amplification of that unique pride. Not everywhere in the world can start days by the ocean, then spend the afternoon hiking the mountains or skiing the slopes. We’ll be with you every step of the way, helping you stay connected to your coastal roots from around the world.