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9 Best Eco-Friendly Pet Products for the Sustainable Owner

February 12, 2024main

On the hunt for eco-friendly pet products, including organic pet food and zero-waste pet cleaning supplies? We’ve got you! Read on to find our list of options.

Eco-friendly pet products for dogs in 2024

In a world where our pets are family, it’s only fitting that we extend our love for them to the choices we make in caring for their needs. You see, traditional pet products often come with a hefty environmental price tag. In fact, pet products generate approximately 300 million pounds of plastic waste in North America alone. From single-use plastic toys to non-biodegradable waste bags, the ecological impact can add up fast. According to the Pet Sustainability Coalition, “99% of all pet food & treat packaging goes to the landfill each year.” 

Picture those plastic toys lingering in landfills for years, or the countless non-recyclable poop bags contributing to the ever-growing waste problem. It’s not a pretty sight. That’s exactly why we love coming across eco-friendly and sustainable pet products.

Another common concern is the presence of artificial colors, fragrances, and preservatives in pet products. These additives might make the products more appealing to humans, but they can be harsh on a pet’s sensitive skin and respiratory system. Allergic reactions, skin irritations, and respiratory issues are potential outcomes of exposure to these chemicals.

By choosing these environmentally friendly pet product alternatives, we reduce the environmental pawprint our pets leave behind. Biodegradable poop bags, toys made from recycled materials, and eco-friendly grooming essentials pave the way for a greener, healthier planet – a legacy we can proudly leave for our pets and future generations.

Our top picks for eco-friendly product brands:

  • Most sustainable pet beds: Avocado
  • Best natural pet toys: Beco Pets
  • Best eco dog collars and leashes: Wagging Green 
  • Top natural grooming products: Earth Rated
  • Most non-toxic pet bowls: SLSON
  • Best organic pet food: Chippin
  • Best compostable pet waste bags: BioBag
  • Best eco-friendly pet cleaning products: Ethique


What are eco-friendly pet products?

Eco-friendly pet products are designed with the environment in mind, often using sustainable materials, reducing waste, and minimizing the ecological footprint associated with pet care. For example, sustainable pet toys made from natural materials like hemp, organic cotton, or recycled materials are more eco-friendly options compared to those made from conventional plastics. Similar to biodegradable bags, compostable pet bags break down into organic matter when properly processed, offering an eco-friendly solution for pet waste. Shampoos, conditioners, and grooming products made from natural ingredients without harsh chemicals are both pet-friendly and environmentally conscious. 


What to look for in sustainable pet products? 

Look for sustainable pet toys, clothing, and bowls made from renewable, biodegradable, or recycled materials. Hemp, organic cotton, bamboo, and recycled plastics are examples of environmentally friendly materials used in pet products.

If possible, Choose products that source materials locally to reduce the environmental impact of transportation. Additionally, support eco friendly pet product brands that prioritize ethical and fair labor practices.

Always check for third-party certifications that verify the sustainability claims of the product, such as USDA Organic, Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS), or Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certifications.

The most sustainable pet products in 2024

1. Organic pet beds

Price: From $215

Avocado offers a dedicated collection of sustainable and organic dog beds crafted from GOTS-certified organic cotton and GOLS organic-certified latex. These pet beds are not only anti-odor and biodegradable but also super soft, breathable, cool, and incredibly comfy. Avocado, known as the world’s only Climate Neutral Certified mattress and bedding brand, ensures that their materials are hypoallergenic and antimicrobial. Plus, for those who want to elevate their pet’s experience, the handcrafted Dog Bed Frame is available, made with upcycled scraps from the brand’s Los Angeles-based wood shop.

Check out our Best Organic & Sustainable Dog Beds guide for more options. 

2. Sustainable pet toys

Price: From $16.99

Beco Pets’ Hemp Rope is one of the most durable and sustainable pet toys in 2024. Made from strong hemp and recycled cotton, this chunky rope ring provides hours of fun for dogs of any age, breed, or size. The tough fibers not only make it durable but also help in cleaning your dog’s teeth as they chew. As an official 1% for the Planet member, the brand donates 1% of all sales to support initiatives that make a positive impact on our planet.

P.S. You can also find squeaky toys made of recycled materials and hemp and cotton rope.

3. Sustainable pet clothes

Price: From $24

Unlike most eco-friendly pet products, sustainable pet clothes are not easy to find. We spotted some amazing options on Canada Pooch. Most styles are crafted entirely from 100% recycled materials. From recycled fabrics, linings, and polyfills to deadstock fabrics, organic cotton, vegan leathers, and plant-based dyes, the options are endless. Also, the company also implemented digital sampling technology to reduce fabric wastage in their product development process. Plus, to extend the life of the products, they actively donate thousands of items to dog rescues.

4. Eco-friendly collars

Price: From $44

Luckily, in 2024, there are many eco-friendly pet brands like Wagging Green that offer bamboo harnesses, sustainable bamboo dog collars, and bamboo leashes. All dog and cat collars, leashes, and harnesses are hand-sewn with care in the U.S.A. using unbleached and dye-free, natural colors. Plus, these natural pet products come in a slew of prints and hues.

5. Natural pet grooming products

Price: From $24

We have our fair share of organic grooming products! Our furry friends deserve the same royal treatment. You can find a slew of eco-friendly dog products from brands like the B-certified corp Earth Rated.

Tackle everyday messes with ease using our textured dog wipes, perfect for cleaning your furry friend’s paws, body, and butt. Infused with a delightful lavender scent, these wipes leave your dog smelling fresh and clean. The plant-based dog wipes are made from thick, durable, USDA Certified 99% Biobased material, offering just the right amount of moisture for an effective clean every time. Plus these sustainable dog products have over  44,500 glowing ratings!

6. Eco pet bowls

Price: From $29.99

Chemical leaching is every paw-parent’s worst nightmare! So let’s be sure that our favorite eco-friendly pet products are completely free from all toxins, shall we? SLSON’s 2Pack Collapsible Dog Bowl is portable and foldable, they make on-the-go feeding a breeze for your furry friends. It’s crafted from premium silicone material which is dishwasher-safe for easy cleaning.

Plus, the added convenience of a buckle makes it easy to attach these bowls to your dog’s leash, backpack, or belt loop.

7. Sustainable pet food

Price: From $11.99 

When it comes to the most sustainable pet products, food and treats should be a top priority. 

Chippin is the mecca of quality, organic pet food. Crafted in collaboration with veterinarians, these treats are a fantastic choice for dogs with allergies. They contain spirulina protein, a gut-healthy probiotic, making them an excellent alternative to traditional dog treats that use animal proteins. Safe for low-protein diets, even for dogs with kidney issues.

Packed with plant-based proteins like spirulina, kale, and carrot, these treats contribute to gut health, reduce inflammation, and boost the immune system. A great choice for vegan dog treats and combating bad breath.

Whether you have a small puppy or a senior dog, these crunchy hydrolyzed protein treats are suitable for all. 

8. Eco poop bags

Price: From $26

BioBag offers one of the most frequently-used environmentally friendly pet products – waste bags, duh!

The environmental impact of single-use plastic doggie bags. Enter BioBag, championing a greener solution with certified compostable bags that adhere to ASTM D6400 standard specifications. These eco-friendly pet supplies

are designed to keep microplastics from doggie bags out of landfills.

Whether you’re making a conscious effort to reduce plastic in landfills or exploring pet waste composting (after thorough research!), BioBag’s 200-pack of Compostable Dog Waste Bags is a tail-wagging choice!

9. Best eco-friendly pet cleaning products

Price: From  $13.99

Did you know that both you and your furry friend can shop from Ethique? Yes! The beloved natural haircare brand offers solid shampoo bars that streamline the process, making dog and horse grooming a breeze. Infused with neem, oatmeal, and coconut oil, Ethique’s most sustainable pet products are a powerhouse of natural goodness. Formulated to leave your dog’s fur not just clean, but also sweet-smelling, soft, and irresistibly cuddle-ready. Also, lavender oil is an added touch, providing benefits for sensitive-skinned pets.

Plus, these eco-friendly pet products are ideal for sensitive-skinned pets.

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