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9 Best Organic Cotton Clothing Brands

August 18, 2022main
9 Best Organic Cotton Clothing Brands

If you want the whole family to live sustainably you’ve got quite the mission head of you, but when it comes to organic cotton clothing brands, we’ve got you covered!

Here’s our list of the top 9 organic cotton clothing brands with something for men, women, and children.

This list has a brand for everyone. Whether they’re an old soul, or young at heart, you’ll find something for them here. Save this list to come back to for gift shopping for birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, or just because you love them. You can thank us later.

9 of the Best Organic Cotton Clothing Brands For The Whole Family

1. Pact Apparel

Price Range: $78 – $165

Sustainable Materials: Organic Cotton

Creating everything from skirts and dresses to all the sweats you could need, Pact Apparel is your one-stop organic clothing shop for the whole family, even the kiddos.

All Pact clothing is fair trade, and made made from GOTS certified cotton. Add in their family friendly prices and they’re good for the planet, your closet, and your wallet.

2. Unified People

Price Range: $60 – $180

Sustainable Materials: Organic Cotton

Unified People seamlessly combines all the planet-friendly goodness of all-organic clothing with all the urban chic of California.

Boasting awesome graphic tees, hoodies, and caps, Unified People’s unisex range elevates any closet and any outfit to a talking point. Now, you can look like a cool California local and conserve the environment all at once.

3. Be Hippy

Price Range: $25 – $56

Sustainable Materials: Organic Cotton

Be Hippy is another organic cotton clothing brand worth remembering. Their happy-go-lucky designs are bursting with nostalgia and color.

Crafted with the outdoors in mind, Be Hippy clothing is where eco-friendly organic cotton meets functionality and boldness for both him and her.

4. Indigenous

Price Range: $38 – $228

Sustainable Materials: Organic Cotton

Indigenous is all about people and the planet. All their operations are organic and Fair Trade, and they use Pima Cotton, which is a great 45% stronger than traditional cotton, so your clothes can last ages. Indigenous products are expertly knitted or woven by one of 1000 artisans in Peru.

With a range of dress, sweaters, and cardigans and a diverse use of color, Indigenous has something for everyone in the family.

5. Conscious Step

Price Range: $11 – $100

Sustainable Materials: Organic Cotton

With Conscious Step you can support causes near and dear to you with socks. With every purchase, you decide where a percentage of your sale goes.

Fair trade, and only using organic cotton, Conscious Step is the ideal place to stock up on men’s, women’s, and children’s socks and contribute to a cause you care about.

6. Organic Basics

Price Range: $17 – $39

Sustainable Materials: Organic Cotton

It’s all in the name when it comes to Organic Basics. Shop all your essentials affordably, and sustainably. Whether you’re looking for underwear, activewear, dresses, or denim, Organic Basics will have what you need.

All their products are organic cotton, and they come at price that won’t break the bank.

7. Colorful Standard

Price Range: $35 – $80

Sustainable Materials: Organic Cotton

Quality, comfortable, and stylish, Colorful Standard is the eco-friendly equivalent of American Apparel. With 20 colors to choose from and a range of styles, Colorful Standard really will have something for both him and her.

Their clothing is all PETA approved and Oeko-Tex® certified dyed, so you can wear colorful threads without feeling guilty about it.

8. Kings of Indigo

Price Range: $124 – $397

Sustainable Materials: Organic Cotton

Looking for eco-friendly denim? Say no more. Kings of Indigo boasts a quality collection of denim jeans and jackets, as well as sustainably made tees, sweats, and skirts.

All of the cotton they use in their denim is GOTS or OCS certified, and some is even recycled and Global Recycling Standard approved.

9. Nudie Jeans

Price Range: $185 – $ 400

Sustainable Materials: Organic Cotton

Nudie Jeans is another organic cotton clothing brand changing the denims game. They offer a range of denim products including jeans, jackets, dungarees, and shorts, each with its own range of colors.

Every pair is made from 100% GOTS, OCS, or USDA certified organic cotton, so your go-to outfit won’t have a negative impact on the planet.

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