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16 Colorado Clothing Brands You Should Check out Today!

August 20, 2022main
16 Colorado Clothing Brands You Should Check out Today!

Looking for the best Colorado clothing brands offering unique apparel? We’re sharing our top picks for CO apparel brands worthy of adding to your wardrobe.

Hit the slopes of Telluride. Hike the Rockies. And smoke some sweet ol’ mary jane under a beautiful, starlit sky… legally! There are so many things to love about Colorado. And if you’re a resident, you’re privy to all the local perks of this beautiful state. So why not shop for local clothing too?

In this article, we’ll give you 14 of our favorite Colorado clothing brands. Check them out today and keep your dollars local!

1. Zeal Optics

Zeal optics was born in 2011 with the goal of building a company that not only offers great, stylish sunglasses but also has a positive impact on the world as it pertains to sustainability. Zeal Optics is committed to supporting and promoting sustainable environmental practices, ethical business, philanthropy, and creative arts education.

Zeal Optics strives to be a leader in the industry in its efforts to produce high-quality, fashionable sunglasses that are oriented towards performance and style. Zeal is a local company, with designs evolving organically from its home base of Boulder, Colorado.

The name Zeal Optics was chosen by combining the phrase “for life” which is the company’s motto. Zeal also means zealous or fervent, which fits well with the brand’s focus on creating a positive impact for people and the environment.

2. Be Hippy

But really, who doesn’t want to be hippy?! This Denver-based company is all about the grassroots movement. They’re eager to inspire you to live a happier life full of travel, fashion, and adventure.

Their clothing embraces an earthy, music-loving vibe. But they don’t only sell clothes. You’ll find decals, bags, jewelry, and even stainless steel drinking straws on their website.

They design all of their products in Colorado and are passionate about supporting the local economy. They have an eco-friendly line of clothing and accessories too. And they’re also a part of the 1% For the Planet alliance.

A t-shirt in their eco-friendly line uses at least 6 recycled water bottles in its fabric. And they stick to organic, US-grown cotton. Plus, all the water used to make and print the shirts is recycled for later use.

3. LEMS Shoes

If you’re into the minimalist movement, then LEMS Shoes is the right place for you. They aim to produce high-quality shoes with as little waste as possible.

They offer a product line full of boots and shoes for men and women. They use vegan-friendly materials for a few of these lines. And they do extensive research on the human foot to ensure the best fit.

You’ll also find that their shoes are flexible and easy to wear. They use lightweight materials that fit in perfectly with a minimalist lifestyle. And they’re versatile enough to use in many applications so you don’t need a whole lot of shoes.

LEMS is headquartered in Boulder, CO and they work with only 8 employees. Their no-frills mentality means that you get a high-quality shoe without extra costs.

4. PACT Organic

Do you like cotton? PACT Organic specializes in organic, chemical-free cotton wear. And their clothes are super soft against your skin!

PACT began as an effort to cut down on waste caused by the textile industry. Cotton is a thirsty crop. And growing cotton accounts for a significant portion of the world’s water pollution.

You can find everything from underwear and bras, to bedding and baby clothes at PACT. Their cotton is 100% organic. That means it produces less waste and uses less water to grow than traditional cotton.

PACT also adheres to fair trade practices. They advocate for fair working conditions and are Fair Trade Factory Certified.

5. Topo Designs

Topo Designs is rooted in mountain culture and outdoor living – but also rooted in a love for exploring cities and world travel. This Colorado-proud brand looks to proven classics for inspiration while taking advantage of innovative technologies to ensure a timeless look with modern functionality.

Uncomplicated and utilitarian, but with a sense of design and style through simplicity – Topo Designs refuses to follow a single path. Life is always greener when you’re on both sides of the fence!

6. Western Rise

Western Rise’s mission is to create products allowing the modern, active man to own less, carry less, and experience more; whether that’s traveling, spending time outdoors, or in the day-to-day.

This minimalist outdoor company focuses on men’s tops, bottoms, outwear, and accessories. All products are made by ethical manufacturing partners that are leaders in their industry. 1% of their annual revenue is donated to grassroots environmental nonprofits.

7. Maroon Bell Outdoor

The folks at Maroon Bell are all about the outdoors. They take pride in the fact that they live in one of the most beautiful states. Their outdoor clothing is suitable for hiking, biking, and even cocktailing.

They offer relaxed clothing and accessories for men, women, and children. Maroon Bell commits to giving back to their local community. They donate 3% of sales every year to Denver area non-profit organizations.

They also don’t believe in the corporate attitude of the mainstream textile industry. The founders opted to stay away from investors and large banks. Instead, they’ve scaled up slowly with high-quality clothing and beautiful design.

8. Chaco

Who loves to wear sandals everywhere? We certainly do! Chaco is famous for its Z strap sandal design.

But this company isn’t only about sandals. They offer a huge line of boots, shoes, flip flops, and kids sandals. They also have accessories like packs, dog collars, and socks.

The best part about Chaco footwear is that it’s so adaptable. These shoes are perfect for moving from land to water and back again. Use them to hike in the mountains, raft in the river, or take a long walk in your neighborhood.

And the team at Chaco loves to give back. They support a number of organizations dedicated to sustainability and environmental preservation.

The experts at Cuts do extensive research on finding the perfect shirt cut for every male body type. And they offer a variety of hem-types so you can wear your shirt tucked or untucked, whatever you prefer.

9. Alchemy Goods

The story of Alchemy Goods started with a stolen messenger bag. After someone stole his bag, the founder opted to make his own replacement out of bicycle inner tubes.

Reusing items like bike tubes and old vinyl banners is how Alchemy makes all of its gear. It’s a method called upcycling and it’s becoming more and more common in the textile industry.

They offer a range of backpacks, messenger bags, and travel bags. And they’ve also got accessories, like belts, wallets, and purses. All made from recycled materials.

Their products come with a lifetime warranty and are designed and manufactured in the USA. You’ll find that their accessories are a perfect fit for a modern, eco-friendly fashion sense.

10. Green Guru

This company doesn’t only have a cool name. It’s also got an amazing mission to bring outdoor and cycling gear to you by eco-friendly means.

Their products include bike gear, bags, totes, and wallets. They even offer eco-friendly can koozies and bracelets.

They make their products using recycled outdoor gear like old bike tubes and wetsuits. Customers can donate these items to the Guru. Then they’re sent to a warehouse near Boulder, CO for processing.

Design and manufacturing are all done right in Colorado to support the local economy. And they use sustainable manufacturing processes.

11. Onno

ONNO was started in 2006 with a mission to make Good T-Shirts with eco-friendly fibers. Onno believes that Good T-shirts need to fit great, feel great, and the people involved in making them (factories, warehouse, office, shipping, and you) need to be treated well.

Onno yarns are somewhat eco-friendly; ‘somewhat’ because, for example, GOTS-certified organic cotton still requires a significant amount of water to grow. Even though it’s organic, it’s not perfect.  It is, however, better than conventional cotton –  using even ‘somewhat’ sustainable fibers helps move things in the right direction.

But perhaps just as important, Onno believes that you cannot make Good T-Shirts without good people. Working with fun people makes life much better. ONNO is partnered with two small-family owned factories – they know the people who make their shirts well. And you can tell: the story is in the quality.

12. Mountain Standard

Mountain Standard is an independent outdoor company based in Boulder Colorado. They are product lovers, mountain bikers, anglers, designers, skiers, river runners, world travelers, dirt bikers, climbers, natives, transplants, mountain dwellers, creatives, and collaborators.

Mountain Standard strives to create products with timeless style, functional performance, and an adventure ready spirit. Their goal is not to reinvent outdoor gear, but simply to define higher standards. Motivated by modern mountain utility as a design philosophy, they continually blend the quality standards of mountain product with versatile style to take you anywhere your path may lead.

13. Flylow

Flylow was started by a couple of Colorado-born skiers who imagined better gear for the mountains

Their first products debuted in 2005  with the super—tough Cactus Pant and the aptly named Black Coat (which, yes, came in just one color). A core following of skiers immediately adopted and evangelized the brand for its sensible, no-nonsense approach to quality, reliable gear. Then, in 2016, they introduced a whole slew of spring gear for mountain biking, wakesurfing, camping, backyard BBQ’ing, and campfire hangouts.

Flylow is still independently owned and operated in much the same spirit as its founding: Make good gear that works for the fun stuff people like to do. In the process, the Flylow family has grown. Now spread across Denver, Jackson, and Lake Tahoe, they continue to build award-winning men’s and women’s outerwear, clothing, and accessories for four seasons of fun mountain pursuits.

14. Sierra Designs

Founded in 1965 on the premise that all people deserve to have good gear for exploring the outdoors, regardless of their background or experience level, Sierra Designs is iconic. For over half a century they’ve been creating products that are trail tested, inspired by any adventure, and trouble-free.

While some things have changed in the last 50 years, their mission hasn’t. Today, Sierra Designs continues to be a place where you can find happy dogs, new ideas, and always reliable camping gear.

Sierra Designs is made by people who Think Outside – because happiness is found in the adventure.

15. Strafe Outerwear

Founded in Aspen, Colorado, Strafe is inspired by a dedication to living life in the mountains. It is a brand comprised of passionate individuals whose drive for adventure is rivaled only by their commitment to creating modern mountain apparel that doesn’t compromise performance, quality, or style. They are athlete-owned,  so they make the gear athletes need.

Twin brothers John and Pete Gaston started Strafe because of an obsession with Highland Bowl. Hiking the bowl, ripping down to the lift, and riding up to begin the lap again places unique demands on apparel in terms of breathability, weather protection, insulation, mobility and storage. They needed apparel that blended breathable, waterproof materials and constructions with snow-specific features and fits for moving efficiently and skiing hard all day.

In 2009, they developed their first prototypes, and in 2010, they made their first product offerings. Since then, Colorado (and the world) has benefitted from their technical jackets, pants, and one-pieces in that distinct Strafe style.

16. 1876

From gold rushes to tech rushes, the spirit of Colorado has called out to adventurers and dreamers for generations. 1876 Apparel is made for anyone drawn to answer that call. Locally owned and designed, every piece of gear is specifically crafted for living life in The State of Exploration.

Keep It Local! Shop Colorado Clothing Brands

Colorado is an easy place to love. That’s why it’s important to keep it local! Support Colorado clothing brands when you need new gear.

Many of these companies use ethical and sustainable methods to produce their clothes. And they give back to the local community through charitable donations and fair wage practices.

Check out our full list of Colorado Clothing brands

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