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Did you know that eco-friendly cookware is equally as important as opting for organic mattresses and sustainable couches? Yes, these seemingly unrelated household goods have one common enemy lurking in the shadows: chemicals that can impact our health.

It’s safe to say that most of us try to stay away from food that’s chock full of chemicals. But despite our best efforts toxins can very well end up in our delicious daily meals during the cooking phase.

Luckily, the best eco-friendly cookware brands are here to offer us great alternatives that are safe, ethically made, and sustainable. From minimalistic eco-friendly ceramic cookware to extremely aesthetic sets of nontoxic sustainable cookware, the 10 brands below are ready to ship the best nonstick cookware right to your doorstep.

Best Eco-Friendly Cookware Brands With Non-Toxic Materials

1. Our Place

Price Range: $145-$165

Sustainable Materials: Non-toxic, nonstick ceramic coating, stainless steel & nesting beechwood spatula.

Our Place is known as one of the best eco-friendly cookware brands for a pretty good reason. Their eco-friendly nonstick cookware are designed and produced thoughtfully with ethically-sourced materials source.

On top of that, they come in an array of different colors to match your aesthetic. From boiling to baking and crisping to steaming, rest assured that your delicious meals will not come in contact with PFOAs, PTFEs, other PFAs.

2. Proclamation Goods

Price: $378

Sustainable Materials: Stainless steel skillet and pot with no coatings.

“ Two pans to cook it all” sounds like a bold claim, but Proclamation Good’s nontoxic sustainable cookware is up for a good challenge. Their 3x award-winning eco-friendly cookware set comes includes the Hybrid Pot and the Stainless Steel Skillet with a 12” wide slick, smooth cooking surface to make meal-prep a breeze.

Apart from offering free shipping and a 30 Day Trial, this nontoxic sustainable cookware comes with a promise to help you ditch your clutter-inducing multi-piece sets once and for all.

3. Caraway Home

Price: $545

Sustainable Materials: Non-stick ceramic, aluminum core, & stainless steel handles.

If you need a sustainable upgrade, Caraway Home’s affordable eco-friendly cookware is for you. The brand uses ceramic and a mineral coating to create their ethically-made nontoxic and chemical-free cookware.

Plus, everything is recyclable! Thanks to the pot and lid holders you can always keep your kitchen organized and in tip-top shape – because who wants to put up with clutter?

4. Emile Henry

Price Range: $20-$139,95

Sustainable Materials:Burgundy clay.

Emile Henry is hailed as one of the best eco-friendly cookware brands that promise to take the hassle out of cooking and baking. With a wide range of eco-friendly nonstick cookware that is heat resistant, durable, and free from harmful chemicals, this family-owned brand has us covered.

In fact, you can move your nontoxic cookware directly from the freezer to the oven! No wonder why they are so loved since 1850. From ceramic baking dishes to a slew of cooking tools, affordability and quality are guaranteed.

5. Xtrema

Price Range: $11.99–$599.99

Sustainable Materials: 100% pure ceramic.

Your hunt for the best eco-friendly ceramic cookware is officially over. Xtrema’s products are not only free of PFOA, PTFE, glues, polymers, dyes, and coatings but also handcrafted just for you!

Additionally, they adhere to California Prop 65 standards and their eco-friendly nonstick cookware have been tested for over 800 toxic chemicals.

Due to them being handcrafted in China, each sleek and minimalistic ceramic cookware can take 20 days to make, so keep that in mind.

6. Amoretti Brothers

Price Range:  $345-$$2,490

Sustainable Materials: 100% recycled copper and cast bronze.

Amoretti Brothers is one of the best non-toxic cookware brands that puts the environment above all else. You can use your minimalistic safe and sustainable cookware frying, sautéing, steaming, and everything in between knowing that it’s crafted using the “art of metal transformation”.

These heirloom pieces are made from high-quality 100% recycled copper and cast bronze which contribute to their raw, natural beauty that’s hard to find these days. To top it all off, their eco-friendly nonstick cookware are ethically-made in Turin, Italy.

7. Made In

Price Range: $84–$2,499

Sustainable Materials: Carbon & stainless steel, copper.

Made In certainly deserves a place amongst the best eco-friendly cookware brands. The artisan-crafted nontoxic and chemical-free cookware is inspired by world-renowned traditional French cooking methods.

You can customize your own stainless steel cookware set or opt for one of their pre-made sets with 3,6, or 7 pieces. Knives and bakeware are also available!

Lastly, you can choose to recycle your old cookware through their Made In Recycling Program!

8. Great Jones

Price Range: $40-$495

Sustainable Materials: Stainless steel, ceramic, and cast iron.

Engravable eco-friendly nonstick cookware definitely deserves the hype. Even more so if they come from the virtual shelves of one of the best eco-friendly cookware brands.

Great Jone’s mission is to offer modern, heirloom-quality cookware made from stainless steel, ceramic, and cast iron. Their eco-friendly cookware set and single products are fun, bold, and drenched in color to “help outfit your kitchen.”

Furthermore, the entire collection is surprisingly affordable.

9. Milo Cookware

Price Range: $100- $230

Sustainable Materials: Recycled cast iron and white TOMATEC™ enamel with gold knob.

Milo Cookware’s nontoxic sustainable cookware collection features naturally non-stick recycled cast iron and is sprayed with TOMATEC™ enamel for extreme durability.

The brand adheres to California Prop 65 standards and their safe and sustainable cookware have been tested for over 800 toxic chemicals.

Rest assured that your new favorite products were thoughtfully made and able to elevate your kitchen’s aesthetic with ease.

10. Lodge Cast

Price Range: $59.99-$119

Sustainable Materials: Cast iron.

Lodge Cast Iron has been having a cult following since 1896. Touted as one of the best eco-friendly cookware brands, their ethically-made products come with a lifetime warranty and can be used on everything – from the stove and campfire to barbecue, and of course, the oven.

They proudly carry the California Prop 65 and US FDA certifications. Furthermore, they offer safe and sustainable cookware in many different colors, all reaping the benefits of porcelain enamel and cast iron.

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