6 Eco-Friendly Ski / Snowboard Brands You Need To Check Out


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Protect our winters with these 6 eco-foward-thinking ski and snowboard brands

Today, eco-friendly brands are making everything from swimsuits to jeans. You can even find ski and snowboard brands that are making a difference.

The key is awareness. If you don’t know which brands are eco-friendly, how can you support the movement? How can you feel good about hitting the slopes if your gear isn’t green?

This list has you covered. Keep reading for the top six ski and snowboard brands that are eco-friendly.

Don’t stop at your jacket and hat when choosing eco-friendly brands. Thanks to Arbor Collective, you can even buy eco-friendly snowboards and accessories.

Arbor Collective sources sustainable bamboo and wood for all its boards. But, they’re very aware that eco-friendly doesn’t mean lacking in style. Every item from Arbor Collective is on trend and chic.

By appealing to wider audiences, this brand is spreading the green message. Younger generations want to buy eco-friendly products, especially ones that look so cool. Besides their catchy designs, Arbor Collective’s boards are very functional and high-quality.

This mountain-moving brand is setting the standard for all snowboard brands. It’s possible to be stylish and eco-friendly, so why not choose to be? Arbor Collective makes it easy.

This brand is sure to meet your style needs as well as function. It goes the extra mile to ensure your new jacket doesn’t hurt the planet’s resources.

Holden makes epic outdoor adventure gear. From pants to jackets to layering pieces, you’re sure to stay warm on the hills. They even make beanies, caps, and shoes.

One of the key materials Holden uses is S.Café for their jacket linings. This fabric blends yarn with coffee grounds to make an anti-microbial material. It dries 200 percent faster than cotton keeping you clean and odor free.

Another material Holden uses in its awesome pieces is Primaloft. Made from 70 percent post-consumer recycled materials, it’s super sustainable. Holden uses this technology for the insulation in all of their outdoor gear.

Merino wool is one of the most functional and stylish materials to keep you warm. Unfortunately, many brands source their wool from unethical sources that harm the planet.

Mons Royale is different.

They place a high priority on knowing exactly where the merino wool in your jacket comes from. By partnering with ZQ Merino, they can track which farm your specific garment came from.

All the sheep bred for their wool live free range. They are never transported, crammed in a pen, or in a position to feel stressed. Plus, they’re never exposed to GMOs or harmful chemicals.

When you buy a wool garment from Mons Royale, you’re guaranteed an eco-friendly item. The animals and people involved in making your coat get treated ethically. That’s a win for planet earth!

It’s hard not to care about the environment when it provides such epic slopes and scenery. This brand recognizes the environmentalist in every adventurer. You want an awesome experience, but not at the expense of this beautiful planet.

Berg Outdoor makes men’s and women’s outdoor gear and accessories. You’ll find apparel for outdoor adventures in every season.

Plus, Berg Outdoor is part of the European Outdoor Conservation Association. Besides spreading awareness, they help fund initiatives to improve the planet. These initiatives range from clean-ups of mountain ranges to protection of wild species.

When you buy a thermal jacket from Berg Outdoor, you can feel good about it. Your money goes to a brand that focuses on sustainability. And, the garment you’re wearing comes to you guilt-free.

When you’re snowboarding in extreme climates, staying warm is the game. You need a brand that protects you from the elements. And, one that protects the environment from us.

Ortovox makes outdoor gear that focuses on protection. Their apparel is high-quality and functional. You won’t have to worry about staying warm or ventilated on the slopes.

Rest assured that no humans or animals endured unethical treatment.

This awesome brand uses transparency and honesty when it comes to their processes. They use fair and safe conditions for the sheep and humans involved in making their garments.

In fact, Ortovox is a member of the Fair Wear Foundation. This foundation ensures its members abide by a strict level of standards. Every person involved in the process gets fair wages, has fair hours, and has free choice to work.

When the people making your clothes feel cared for, you can wear them guilt-free. Ortovox clears your conscious so you can focus on the hills.

How many clothing brands do you know that actually give money away? Passenger is one of them. For every garment sold, they reinvest that money into eco-friendly initiatives.

For example, when you buy a swimsuit, Passenger plants a native tree in Canada and a fruit tree in Africa. It’s not only swimsuits, everything you buy from Passenger results in replanting.

When it comes to surfing, it’s hard not to see the effect pollution has on the waves. Passenger wants to combat that pollution by using recycled materials. They often host beach clean-ups to reduce the waste floating in our oceans.

No brand is an island. Passenger partners with many eco-friendly companies that always strive for green greatness. These partners include TreeEra, The Plastic Project, and Surfers Against Sewage.

Surf or ski into the wilderness while also making a difference. Win-win!

Whether you snowboard, surf, ski, or hike, you know how amazing this planet is. It gives us everything, yet we often take it for granted.

You can change the narrative by buying eco-friendly and sustainable clothing.

Every time you buy from a green brand, you’re voting with your money for a cleaner planet. You’re supporting brands that are working hard to make a difference.

How can you find out which snowboard brands are eco-friendly? By checking out our favorite brands and learning more about them. Have an amazing outdoor adventure while also making the world a better place.

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