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Top 16 Hemp Clothing Brands You Need to Know About

August 19, 2022main
Top 16 Hemp Clothing Brands You Need to Know About

Sustainable Hemp Clothing: The Natural, Eco-Friendly Fiber Staples That Revolutionized The Fashion Industry

There is a new industry around an old, quick-growing agricultural favorite able to be turned into almost anything you can grind, lounge or sleep in. But before you upgrade your wardrobe with sustainable hemp clothing, you might want to know more about the interesting history behind the 100 hemp fashion industry we know and love today.

As the legalization of marijuana spreads from state to state, there has been one major unintended benefit riding its coattails, the long-awaited, widespread legalization of industrial hemp. Often associated with its close psychoactive relative, hemp was banned in the United States when the plant was swept up in anti-marijuana propaganda. Propaganda films like “Reefer Madness” assured hemp’s demise and when Congress passed the Marijuana Tax Act in 1937. The tax and licensing regulations of hemp made cultivation nearly impossible for American farmers.

Industrial hemp used to be a boon for the farming economy and has been cultivated for multiple millennia. The use of hemp started around 8,000 B.C. and continued through different societies for different industrial purposes. In the 16th century, the British naval fleet cultivated hemp extensively to supply their constant construction of battleships. Eco-friendly paper made from hemp was used to make maps, travel logs, and even bibles brought on board while hemp fiber made rope, sails, and uniforms for sailors.

Hemp continued to be used in the early American colonies and continued to be so valuable that settlers could even pay their taxes with the crop. Then came the dark ages, when America got real un-cool. Prohibition. While the prohibition era for alcohol came to an end, prohibition on marijuana was just getting started. Without getting into the arbitrary reasons why marijuana was vilified, hemp production and manufacturing were becoming more efficient and more accessible, putting it right in the crosshairs of the paper, timber, fuel, and cotton industries.

For a brief period in World War II, given the proven dexterity of hemp, the United States government was forced to rethink their agenda, creating a call to action with the release of the film “Hemp for Victory,” motivating American Farmers to grow hemp for uniforms, canvas, and rope.

In response to the war effort, one million acres of hemp were grown across the Midwest. Quickly after the war, all of the hemp processing plants were shut down and the industry disappeared. As soon as the Controlled Substances Act of 1970 was passed, hemp was relegated to the Schedule I category, sealing its fates as an illegal substance…until recently! So where are we now? Well, hemp is still loyal as ever, and it actually can be made into some pretty amazing eco-friendly clothes when used correctly by the sustainable fashion industry.

We’ve highlighted 16 hemp clothing brands that are killing the hemp game with their sustainable manufacturing practices.

Best Sustainable Hemp Clothing Brands With Eco-Friendly Hemp Garments

1. 8000 Kicks

Price : $80

Other Sustainable Materials: Hempcrete

We agree, 100% eco-friendly and sustainable kicks are pretty dope. These hemp fabric shoes have that laid-back feel and match everything! From start to finish, they only use eco-friendly and natural materials – which is what we love most about this hemp fashion brand. Even their soles are made of recycled shoes. The best part is they are also waterproof. Could you ask for more from an eco-conscious hemp collection?

2. Tact & Stone

Price: $80 – $200

Other Sustainable Materials: Ethical Alpaca wool, upcycled and organic cotton, recycled Polyester (rPET)

Tact & Stone does everything in its power to be a positive influence in the fashion industry through eco-friendly practices. If you didn’t know, clothing is one of the most wasteful industries in the world. From water usage, waste, emissions, and more, most fashion brands do more harm than good.

They are on a mission to change more than your wardrobe, and they want to change the world. They have an entire sustainable hemp clothing line with basic tees and long sleeves. They are lightweight, made of 100% natural hemp fabric, and save 110 gallons of water in the process! We are serious fans of the IZE Hemp Tee from the brand’s hemp collection. A sustainable, solid-colored hemp shirt that is breathable, matches anything and fits just right.

3. Toad & Co.

Price:  $50 – $85 Sustainable Materials: Organic cotton, Tencel, recycled fibers

Toad & Co. is just a good freaking company with impressive eco-conscious practices. Everything they do is for the benefit of this planet. They use sustainable and natural fibers and recycled materials, reusable shippers, and help adults with disabilities as a part of their business plan.

This hemp fashion brand is also a part of 1% For The Planet! They use hemp fabric in a lot of their clothing due to its low environmental impact and amazing properties. One of our favorite sustainable Toad & Co hemp garments is the Taj Hemp Long Sleeve Slim Shirt. It’s perfect for a casual day walking around the city or even on a hike.

4. Outerknown

Price Range: $50 – $85 Other Sustainable Materials: Organic cotton, regenerative or recycled materials

Here is another fearless organic brand that is being relentless in their pursuit of sustainability in the fashion industry! 90% of Outerknowns’ sustainable 100 hemp fibers are sourced are organic, recycled, or regenerated. They are also ethical through Fair Trade USA and investing in the livelihood of their partners and employees that make their clothes come to life – now that’s what we call stellar business practices.

While we absolutely love the entire hemp fashion collection, the Sur Snap Hoodie is a fan favorite for a good reason. It’s a comfortable cotton/hemp blend hoodie that allows for max comfort and breathability. It will quickly become your go-to hemp clothing staple.

5. Ekzo

Price Range: $28-$65

Other Sustainable Materials: Organic cotton,wool, cashmere, and linen.

Ekzo is inspired by the exotic naturally beautiful locations on Earth, and it is their mission to capture these elements and recreate them in clothing. This San Diego based brand uses 100% natural fibers in all of their clothing and accessories. The linen hemp button-down is where classic meets casual. It has a breathable look and feel and gets softer with every wash. Ekzo is doing big things, and one of the hemp clothing brands to look out for!


Price: $24 Sustainable Materials: Organic cotton

Organic underwear made from hemp? Sign me up! WAMA makes sustainable, organic undergarments made of hemp. Why? Because hemp is naturally anti-bacterial, anti-odor, super comfortable, breathable, and only gets softer with age. Which makes hemp clothing and underwear a long-term sartorial investment. Our favorite underwear is their hemp boxers. We love to feel free and breezy, and these boxers do just that! They are made of a hemp/cotton blend using eco-friendly manufacturing practices, have some stretch, and guarantee you won’t even remember you’re wearing them!

7. Taylor Stitch

Price Range: $90 – $200 Other Sustainable Materials: Organic cotton, regenerative fibers

Taylor stitch builds hemp clothing for the long haul! They like to say you wear them in, not out. The best part is that all of their partners are aligned with their mission, and are all striving to be leaders in the sustainability movement. It is their mission to be kind to the Earth while making long-lasting, durable clothing. Our favorite hemp fashion staple? The Jack in dusty blue. It’s a sustainable classic-looking button-down that deserves to be in your rotation every week. It has a hemp cotton blend that allows it to have a durable yet comfortable fit.

8. Jungmaven

Price Range: $30 – $210

Other Sustainable Materials: Organic cotton

Jungmaven is one of the lead hemp clothing brands in the industry, and we know why. Jungmaven does hemp really really well though ethical business practices. They know that by making clothing out of hemp instead of other materials, they are doing so much good for the world. One of our favorite hemp fashion basics is their Ojo Hemp Denim shirt. It’s a soft yet rugged-looking jacket and, in our opinion, definitely a closet essential. Great for layering or wearing it alone.

9. Faherty

Price Range: $40-$200 Other Sustainable Materials: Organic cotton, ethically sourced cashmere, recycled polyester, linen

Faherty is a sustainable, family-run fashion business that started in New Jersey. The Faherty family was a big family with big dreams. Cofounders Alex and Mike had always dreamed of creating a clothing company together, and that’s just what they did. Their vision was to create a fashion brand that merged the casual surf culture with high quality, durable, sustainable materials.

One of our favorite Hemp clothing to note is the M-65 Jacket. It is modeled after an M-65 military jacket and has that durable look and feel too. It’s sustainably made with quilted lining, cotton/hemp canvas, custom jacquard accents, and so much more!

10. Goodwear

Price Range: $40-$70 Other Sustainable Materials: Organic Cotton

Goodwear is a new find for us. They are made 100% in the USA and use only the best quality materials. They specialize in basic shirts, sweatshirts, sweatpants, and loungewear. We’re a big fan of the Adult Long Sleeve Crew Neck Stripe shirt. It’s made of a cotton/hemp blend that has a loose fit. It’s the perfect long sleeve to wear with your boardshorts or to throw on with some jeans and head out for a bite.

11. Hempy’s

Price Range: $20-$150 Other Sustainable Materials: Organic cotton, recycled cotton and recycled synthetics.

Hempy’s is a locally owned, globally-minded brand. They operate from the mindset that to be a truly sustainable brand, they must think about Earth in everything they do. They have been around for 20 years, and have a worldwide reputation for the fantastic quality they provide. The great thing about Hempy’s is it is so much more than just clothing. We’re talking wallets, hats, accessories, journals, clothing, and more! We are a big fan of their hemp wallets. They are durable, slim, lightweight, and have a 100% hemp shell.

12. Hemp Tailor

Price Range: $40-$70 Other Sustainable Materials: Organic cotton and recycled materials.

This is the perfect fashion brand for the modern-conscious consumer who is just as planet obsessed as Hemp Tailor. Their entire brand is focused around hemp and sustainable hemp-based fabrics in order to produce eco-friendly clothing. We were extremely impressed with their denim collection. In particular, we love their classic denim jacket in black. It has max comfort without sacrificing the edgy look.

13. Seeker

Price Range: $40-$70 Other Sustainable Materials: Organic cotton

Seeker is a sustainable fashion brand that creates their clothing locally in Los Angeles—inspired by the utilitarian lifestyle of eastern spiritual cultures. Organic clothing is meant to let your body and mind feel free while wearing thee clothes. Their Vet chino pants are one of our favorite picks. It’s a woven pant made of a cotton/hemp blend. It has a minimalist aesthetic and a relaxed fit.

14. TenTree

Price Range: $40-$70 Other Sustainable Materials: Organic cotton, Tencel, recycled polyester

Tentree is arguably one of the best sustainable fashion brands in the game. Not only are their clothes extremely fashionable and well made, but the fact that they plant trees for every purchase is a game-changer as well.

They capitalize on hemp clothing because they know its ethically produced, long-lasting, doesn’t use harsh chemicals and saves water. We are obsessed with the M Joshua Hemp Short. It’s the leisure short you never knew you needed. It has a little stretch, so whether you want to hike in it, or play Xbox on your couch, we promise you’ll love it.

15. Onno

Price: $30 Other Sustainable Materials: Bamboo and organic cotton

A clothing company born right here in Colorado. Onno prides itself on making shirts that feel good. And not just for the person that is wearing it either. For all the hands it touches, including the person in the factory, warehouse, office, shipping it to you, it should feel good and do good for everyone. They use as much eco-friendly hemp material as possible, and the environment is always top of mind. The Onno hemp t-shirt is the star of the show and has over 15 colorways.

16. Bohempia

Price Range: $80-$130 Other Sustainable Materials: Natural rubber

Bohempia makes hemp sneakers and boots that are lightweight, flexible, breathable, and keep your feet dry and odor-free. They are truly one of the most unique hemp clothing brands we’ve found! The MILEK 2.0 Urban boot is one of our picks. It’s a sneaker boot, which makes it extremely versatile. Whether you’re going out for dinner, a walk, or just working around the house, this shoe will do nothing but enhance the experience and give you max comfort.

Conclusion: Best Hemp Clothing Brands

Now that you’ve read up on some of the best hemp clothing brands for you gents out there. You’re ready to go forth and make a difference in the world. You’re armed with your choices. Make them wisely.

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