Best Modal Underwear for Men in 2024


On the hunt for the best modal underwear for men? We made a list of 2024’s most highly-reviewed options. From sustainable modal boxer briefs and to moisture-wicking trunks, there’s something for everyone. 

Our Guide to Men’s Modal Underwear

Thinking of giving your top drawer a much-needed upgrade? We’re here to make a case for men’s modal underwear!

 Derived from the pulp of beechwood trees, modal fabric boasts an exceptional softness that sets it apart in the realm of sustainable men’s underwear. The fabric’s excellent air circulation properties make it an ideal choice for men seeking comfort in various climates. Whether navigating warm weather or engaging in physical activities, modal’s moisture-wicking abilities ensure that the skin stays dry, providing a refreshing and irritation-free experience throughout the day.

 So, it’s time to toss those fast-fashion undies to the side, because as soon as you give modal boxer briefs a try,  there’s no going back!  

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What is modal underwear?


Modal underwear is made from a fabric called Modal, which is a type of rayon. Modal is produced by spinning fibers from beech tree pulp. The process involves breaking down the wood pulp into a soft, luxurious fiber that is then woven into fabric. Modal has excellent breathability, allowing air to pass through the fabric easily. This makes modal underwear a good choice for those who want a cool and airy feel. Also, Modal has high absorbency, which means it can wick moisture away from the body. This means that the best modal underwear for men will help keep the skin dry, even during high-impact workouts. 


Is modal underwear good for men?


Yes, modal underwear is a great choice for men due to its exceptional softness, breathability, and moisture-wicking properties. The fabric’s comfort against the skin, combined with its durability and natural drape, makes it ideal for various activities and everyday wear. With styles ranging from briefs to boxers, modal underwear caters to diverse preferences, making it a popular and comfortable option for many men.


Is modal better than cotton?


Modal and cotton are both amazing fabrics used in clothing, including underwear. Modal has excellent breathability, even more than cotton, making it a good choice for warm weather or physical activities.

Ultimately, whether modal is better than cotton depends on personal preferences. Modal may be preferred for its softness, moisture-wicking, and sustainability, while cotton is often chosen for its natural feel, breathability, and familiarity. Some people may prefer one fabric over the other based on specific activities, climate, or personal comfort preferences. 

Best Modal Underwear for Men

1. MeUndies

Price: From $26

Sustainable Materials: MicroModal

Let’s kick things off with MeUndies, and their amazing eco-friendly MicroModal® boxers that go beyond the ordinary with limited-edition prints that add a playful edge to your underwear drawer. Their organic men’s underwear collection features a spectrum of color-rich options, all with no-roll black waistbands in various lengths. 

You can choose from 36 different prints to adorn your sustainably sourced beechwood eco underwear. From adventurous Star Wars vibes to classic colors, you’ll surely find your new favorite men’s modal underwear here.

2. Tomboy X

Price:  From $33

Sustainable Materials: TENCEL Modal

Gone are the days of pinching or riding up. Tomboy X, the raved-about, genderless sustainable brand, offers a wide range of Micromodal Boxer Briefs Underwear that caters to diverse body sizes (3XS to 6X). The B Corp uses a blend of premium-quality TENCEL Modal and organic cotton, designed to make you feel comfortable in your own skin, day in and day out. 

3. BN3TH

Price: From $35

Sustainable Materials: TENCEL™ Modal fibers

Next up is Meet BN3TH, the natural men’s underwear brand offering a wide range of classic options crafted from responsibly sourced TENCEL™ Modal. Derived from wood pulp, these fibers redefine breathability and comfort. The classic modal boxer briefs promise to keep you cool by offering stellar moisture management to ensure you stay dry all day long. Plus, you can expect amazing color retention that keeps your underwear vibrant from day one.  

4. Bombas

Price: From $26

Sustainable Materials: Organic cotton and modal

Beyond their cozy natural socks, Bombas also offers a range of men’s boxer briefs, briefs, trunks, and multi-packs. Crafted with a blend of cotton and modal, these underwear feature a thoughtful diagonal fly, tagless seam, and a perfect fit. We also love that the B-certified corporation focuses on addressing common frustrations with mainstream underwear, by providing us with lightweight fabrics that let the air circulate through them more easily, which helps keep you dry. Plus, for every order, the brand makes a special pair of modal underwear for men to donate, designed with the needs of the homeless community in mind

5. Quince

Price: From $39

Sustainable Materials: Micromodal

If you’re looking for the best modal boxer briefs, check out Quince! The affordable luxury-quality brand uses ultra-soft, breathable, and supportive micromodal to create boxer briefs and trunks, that are not only comfortable but also sustainable, derived from beech trees’ pulp.

Outperforming cotton, men’s modal underwear is naturally moisture-wicking and shrink-resistant. Plus, with inseams ranging from 4″ to 8″, Quince offers some of the longest options in the market. 

6. Armedangels 

Price: From $14.90

Sustainable Ingredients: 95% Modal (TENCEL™), 5% Elasthane

Armedangels uses Tencel™ Modal, a biodegradable fiber derived from wood sourced from certified sustainable forestry, to create premium-quality men’s underwear in Europe. The production process is powered by self-generated energy, ensuring minimal environmental impact. In fact, the brand chooses to use approved ecochemistry and clean, recycled water for cooling results in a fully closed process.  

Their modal boxer briefs are stretchy to the max, and keep you dry – whether you’re running, working out, or casually strolling the city streets.