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On the hunt for the best organic men’s underwear brands with natural men’s underwear? We made a list of 2024’s most highly-reviewed options. From organic wool underwear and Tencel briefs to certified organic underwear for men made of organic cotton, there’s something for everyone. 

Top Certified Organic & Natural Men’s Underwear in 2024

Let’s talk about the elephant in the room – comfort. Organic underwear for men is ethically crafted from materials like organic cotton, bamboo, or Tencel which are known for offering an unparalleled level of comfort. Unlike their polyester counterparts, these natural fibers are breathable, soft, and gentle on the skin, ensuring that every wear feels like a breath of fresh air.

Also, with the best natural men’s underwear in 2024, you can finally goodbye to the skin irritations caused by those yucky plastic fabrics. Certified organic underwear for men is hypoallergenic, making it an ideal choice for individuals with sensitive skin. No more rashes, itching, or dermatitis – just pure, skin-friendly goodness.

Lastly, one of the standout features of mens organic underwear is its eco-friendly nature. Regular plastic fabrics, often derived from petroleum-based sources, contribute to environmental degradation. On the flip side, organic materials are sustainably sourced, promoting biodiversity and reducing the carbon footprint. 

So, to put it simply, choosing organic is a small yet impactful way to contribute to a healthier planet.

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10 Best Organic Men’s Underwear Brands for Natural Boxers & Briefs

1. Woolx

Price: From $45

Sustainable Materials: Organic wool underwear with Nylon, and Spandex

WoolX is your ticket to unparalleled comfort and style in the realm of men’s organic underwear. Known as one of the best Merino wool brands in 2024, the company has everything you need. With a breathable, temperature-regulating, moisture-wicking design and the innovative no-roll waistband, WoolX’s organic wool underwear will help you stay cool and comfortable, no matter what the day throws at you. 

Crafted from non-mulesed, Woolmark® Certified wool, Nylon, and Spandex for that extra stretch, every pair reflects a commitment to quality and sustainability.

2. Organic Signatures

Price: From $25

Sustainable Materials: Organic cotton mens underwear

Organic Signature’s natural men’s underwear range spans from irresistibly soft men’s boxer briefs to classic organic cotton boxer shorts, all boasting ethically crafted waistbands for an extra dose of comfort.

The supremely functional vertical fly ensures shrink-resistance, guaranteeing that your favorite pieces stay as perfect as the day you got them.

No worries, organic Signature doesn’t stop at underwear. Explore a lineup of wardrobe essentials like tank tops and crewnecks, all crafted from the same earth-friendly materials.

3. BN3TH

Price: From $35

Sustainable Materials: TENCEL™ Modal fibers

The natural men’s underwear brand BN3TH carries a wide range of non-toxic mens underwear, crafted from responsibly sourced TENCEL™ Modal. These fibers are derived from wood pulp. The result? Unmatched breathability that keeps you cool, moisture management that ensures you stay dry, and color retention that keeps your underwear looking as vibrant as day one.

4. Organic Basics

Price: From $50

Sustainable Materials: Organic cotton mens underwear

For amazing certified organic underwear for men, look no further than Organic Basics.

With a whopping 20 different styles to choose from, Organic Basics makes sure every piece tells a story of fairness and eco-consciousness. Each pair of organic boxer briefs is crafted with care in Europe using GOTS organic cotton or Tencel, both proudly PETA Vegan Approved.

Also, Organic Basics takes a stand against climate impact by utilizing renewable energy in its supply chain. Even their online store is designed with the planet in mind, preventing a whopping 70% of carbon emissions.

5. Pact

Price: From $14

Sustainable Materials: Organic cotton mens underwear with Elastine 

Next up is Pact men’s underwear. The company takes water consciousness to the core by using organic cotton in its underwear, a fabric that requires a staggering 91% less water compared to conventionally grown cotton. What’s more, Pact men’s organic boxers and natural briefs are made in a Fair Trade Factory, and they are Carbon Neutral.

Pact also ensures that their best organic men’s underwear is free from harmful pesticides and fertilizers, safeguarding the world’s water supply.


6. MeUndies

Price: From $26

Sustainable Materials: MicroModal

Touted for their amazing eco-friendly MicroModal® boxers, MeUndies breaks free from the ordinary, offering an array of limited-edition prints that bring a playful edge to your underwear drawer. But that’s not all – their organic men’s underwear collection boasts a spectrum of color-rich options, all featuring no-roll black waistbands in various lengths. It’s not just underwear; it’s a style statement.

With MeUndies, you can choose from a whopping 36 different prints to adorn your sustainably sourced beechwood eco underwear. Whether you’re feeling adventurous with Star Wars vibes or leaning towards classic colors, MeUndies’ mens organic underwear has you covered.

7. Cariloha

Price: From $22

Sustainable Materials: Viscose from Bamboo / 5% Spandex

Let’s move on to Cariloha, one of 2024’s best natural men’s underwear brands! They own a colossal 24,600,000 sq/m bamboo farm, where they nurture and harvest this incredible regenerated material. Cariloha’s commitment to comfort is evident in their organic boxer briefs. Tailored to perfection, they offer a fit that’s both snug and flexible, ensuring that your every move is accompanied by unparalleled comfort. And here’s a bonus – their tag-less waistband means no unnecessary irritation.

Opt for three pairs, and you’ll be gifted a fourth pair for free. How cool is that?

8. Allbirds

Price: From $24

Sustainable Materials: 65% TENCEL™ Lyocell, 28% Merino Wool, and 7% Spandex

While their popularity soared with the introduction of the Allbirds Wool Runners in 2016, Allbirds is not just a shoe brand. Allbirds revolutionized the industry, capturing hearts and feet with their use of merino wool – a material that not only embraces sustainability but also elevates the comfort game.

Allbirds’ Trino boxer briefs line offers combines some of the most beloved sustainable materials: TENCEL™ Lyocell, and merino wool, plus a hint of spandex for extra stretch.

The best part? It comes with a surprisingly low carbon footprint of 3.38 kg CO2e and they are only $24!

9. Maggies Organics

Price: From $28

Sustainable Materials: GOTS organic cotton mens underwear

For the best certified organic underwear for men, Maggies Organics is a fantastic destination! The brand has got you covered with their featherweight, stretchy, and flexible organic cotton boxer briefs. As proud members of the Fair Trade Federation, Maggies Organics goes beyond just certification. Their organic cotton boxer briefs are not only compliant with USDA Organic Rule standards, but they also guarantee fair wages, worker safety, transparency, and more.


Price: From $35

Sustainable Materials: Organic cotton mens underwear

Available in many different colors, Asket’s natural men’s underwear is crafted from certified organic cotton, ensuring the perfect blend of snug-yet-flexible fit. Soft, breathable, and durable organic cotton men’s underwear that not only feels good on your skin but also feels good for your conscience. We need it!

So, if you’re on the quest for the perfect pair of organic cotton men’s underwear that ticks all the boxes – from style to sustainability – Asket is your destination.