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Sustainable Boots for Men Perfect for Fall & Winter

August 20, 2022main
Sustainable Boots for Men Perfect for Fall & Winter

Looking for the most stylish and sustainable boots for men? With winter around the corner and fall cooling us down, we’re all abuzz with preparations. From checking our home heating and prepping our closets, now is the time to winter-proof your life.

A classic part of winter prep is finding the right boots that will see you through the season, warm and dry. To make it easier for you, we’ve put together 10 top-quality, sustainably made boots for men that are perfect for fall and winter.

These sustainable men’s boots all boast qualities necessary for a comfortable walk in the fall leaves or as snow dusts the sidewalk. We’re talking thick soles, weather-proof materials, and quality stitching. Beyond that, all of these are sustainably and ethically made so your winter isn’t just warm, but fair to the planet.

 Keep on reading to find 2024’s best fall and winter boot for men!

Best Sustainable Men’s Boots For Fall & Winter

1 . Adelante Shoe Co The Mendoza

Price: $265

Sustainable Materials: Ethical full-grain leather

Adelante Shoe Co is back at it again with buttery full-grain leather, this time in their Mendoza boot. Coming in a range of warm wood tones, the Mendoza was made for every man. Functionality is king and this boot comes as a simple pull-on and will wear beautifully for many winters to come.

This boot is made to order for any length and width, so good-quality, sustainable boots can be accessible for every man. Beyond inclusive sizing, you can book a virtual fitting appointment with one of Adelante’s specialist sizing concierges.

If you’re looking for a boot that gives back, boasts exceptional quality, and will last ages, this is the one for you.

2. Brave Gentleman Scout Boot

Price: $240 Sustainable Materials: Vegan leather

The Scout Boot by Brave GentleMan is the vegan boot of the future. Made from Italian-milled vegan leather and championing studs, sublime stitching, and durable laces, the Scout Boot is the ideal men’s boot reimagined as a sustainable, vegan alternative.

Brave GentleMan embraces slow fashion, free of unethical labor, animal products, and unsustainably fashion seasons. Their Scout Boot encapsulates style for the environmentally conscious modern man.

3. Nae Vegan Shoes Harley Black Lace-Up Boot

Price: $160

Sustainable Materials: Ecological microfiber

Nae Vegan Shoes’ Harley Black Lace-Up Boot is a unisex urban fall and winter staple. Decorative laces and silver eyelets give this boot a classic design, but a zip along the inner ankle give it a simple, modern update.

Nae Vegan Shoes is a Portuguese footwear brand championing vegan materials and fair labor. Every shoe materializes from a considered design and materials that are either natural, recycled, or synthetic.

4. Will’s Vegan Store WVSport Waterproof Urban Boots

Price: $156

Sustainable Materials: Waterproof membrane coupled with treated uppers

Will’s Vegan Store brings another winner for sustainable boots in the form of their WVSport Waterproof Urban Boots. Warm, durable, and stylish, the WVSport Waterproof Urban Boots were designed and made for unmatched functionality and style.

5. Ahimsa Eddie

Price: $15

Sustainable Materials: Vegan leather

The Gloria boot by Ahimsa is a stylishly restrained dress boot made from durable vegan leather. The Gloria’s slim silhouette and sophistication give it an elegance like no other fall or winter boot.

On a mission to respect all forms of life and question habits, Ahimsa strives for sustainable manufacturing methods and conscious behavior. Every shoe that comes out of Ahimsa is a testament to their belief in love and respect for all life.

6. Nisolo All-Weather Andres Boot

Price: $260

Sustainable Materials: Leather

Nisolo’s All-Weather Andres Boot is a rugged yet refined versatile trench boot perfect for the colder months. Every aspect of the boot’s design is carefully considered, from the waterproof leather upper and soft interior lining to durable, shock-absorbing rubber soles.

Every Nisolo product supports 100% living wages for its makers and offsets 100% of its carbon emissions making for a truly sustainable fall and winter boot.

7. Taylor Stitch The Ranch Boot in Redwood Waxed Suede

 Price: $260

Sustainable Materials: LWG-certified leather and rugged Vibram® lug soles

Crafted with care in the shoemaking capital of the world, León, Mexico, these sustainable winter boots for men feature LWG-certified premium leather, combined with rugged Vibram® lug soles that are durable enough to stand the test of time and harsh winter conditions. The 3-oz waxed suede boasts a handsome Redwood finish – timeless, classic, and always on-trend. What’s more, they are resolvable and require no break-in period. Pair them up with your favorite jeans and a sustainable sweater for a casual look.

8. Adelante Shoes “The Havana”

 Price: $385

Sustainable Materials: Ethical full grain leather, calfskin

Adelante Shoes perfectly understands that fall and winter months require footwear that A is a high-top fusion of ruggedness and class. And this is how “The Havana” was born. This amazing pair of sustainable men’s boots are made-to-order for any length and width to ensure a perfect fit that feels as good as it looks. Ethically and proudly handcrafted by skilled Guatemalan artisans, your boots come with a personal touch, a story introduced at the moment of purchase. Goodyear welted and fully resolvable, these boots are not only ultra-stylish but a lifelong investment.

The upper comes in full-grain leather in shades like caramel, desert, denim blue, pomegranate, cemento, onyx, and chestnut, or opt for the rich texture of Nubuck in oatmeal, black, mahogany, or white. The lining, made of calfskin, ensures a luxurious feel against your skin. As for the midsole, it is crafted from vegetable-tanned soling leather. Meanwhile, the high-density memory foam insoles provide unparalleled comfort, making every step a pleasure.

9. Patagonia Men’s Wild Idea Work Boots

 Price: $429

Sustainable Materials: Leftover buffalo hides

Patagonia has done it again! The outdoors apparel brand introduced a collection of ethically-made work boots for men and women. Crafted from the leftover buffalo hides used in their renowned Patagonia Provisions® Buffalo Jerky, each pair tells a story of resourcefulness and conservation. The limited availability of leftover hides results in small batches of boots that are as unique as they are eco-friendly. P.S. We also made a list of 10 sustainable brands similar to Patagonia if you want to expand your sartorial horizon even further. 

10. KIO “Firenze” Men’s Boots

 Price: $395

Sustainable Materials: Certified cowhide leather

Elevate your everyday style during the coldest months of the year with Koio, the epitome of sustainable luxury boots for men. If you’re seeking boots that seamlessly transition from casual outings to more formal occasions, Koio has got you covered. The ethical brand handcrafts every pair in Italy using traditional construction methods. Their material of choice? Responsibly tanned LWG Silver-certified leather. Some leathers used even come from regenerative farms, emphasizing Koio’s commitment to sustainability.

That’s a wrap!

As we move into the colder months and face harsher weather, it’s important to equip ourselves with a closet that will both keep us warm and preserve our planet. More and more, fashion and sustainability are becoming easier to reach together. We hope that bit by bit, you can build a closet that champions both, from beanie to boot.

See the full list of our sustainable menswear brands here.

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