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Recycled/Upcycled Sustainable Packaging Zero Waste Made in the USA

Dunsel's Sailbags

Sustainable sail-made bags; 8000lbs waste saved.


William McCarthy



Price Range

$45 - $190



MORE ABOUT Dunsel's Sailbags
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  • Dunsel's Sailbags epitomizes eco-friendly innovation by upcycling retired sailboat sails and other robust outdoor fabrics into chic, sustainable products. Originating as a fundraiser for the Florida State University Sailing Club, the brand has since diverted over 8000lbs of potential waste from landfills. Their unique process involves nationwide material collection, carbon footprint reduction through ride-sharing to their Tallahassee workshop, and the creation of water-resistant goods with a blend of repurposed and new materials. The founder's journey from novice to a master's degree holder in product development underscores their dedication to environmental sustainability and ethical manufacturing. Dunsel's Sailbags isn't just a brand; it's a statement of purpose, inviting consumers to join a movement that redefines the lifecycle of materials and champions a healthier planet.

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